I am being made redundant

Redundancy checklist
Work this checklist with the linked information below to check your rights in a redundancy situation.
Compare your notes with the Redundancy Rightscheck at the bottom of the page when you have finished.
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1. Is there a 'redundancy situation' at your workplace?

Redundancy is a type of dismissal has a particular meaning which is that the dismissal is caused by  a reduction in the employers need for employees either overall or at a particular location.


Dismissals are often made for 'redundancy' when there is not in fact a redundancy situation.


Check if a redundancy situation exists


2. Are you entitled to a redundancy payment?

You may have contractual or statutory rights to a redundancy payment.


Check your contract to see if there are any provisions or entitlements to redundancy payments


For a statutory redundancy payment you must normally be an employee with at least 2 years continuous service in your employment.


Check your right to a statutory redundancy payment


3. How much notice are you entitled to?

Redundany is a type of dismissal and you may be entitled to notice pay.  Your employer may or may not require you to work out your notice period.


Check your right to notice and notice pay


4. How much holiday pay are you entitled to?

On dismissal there is a right to payment for any statutory holiday entitlement you have accrued but not taken at the date your dismissal takes effect.  Whether there is a right to payment for any additional contractual holiday entilement will depend on your contract.


Check your right to holiday pay on dismissal


5. Offers of suitable alternative employment

In some redundancy situations your employer may offer you another job.  If this job is suitable and you unreasonably refuse the offer you may not be entitled to a redundancy payment.


Check offers of alternative employment and redundancy


6. Unfair dismissal in redundancy situations

If there is not a genuine redundancy situation or the procedure that has been followed is unfair then you may have a claim for unfair dismissal.


Check your right to claim unfair dismissal in a redundancy situation


7. Was there unfair treatment or discrimination in the redundancy process

Sometimes decisions about redundancy dismissals can be made directly or indirectly because of a characteristic of the employee such as age, sex or disability or because they asserted rights in the past.  This may amount to discrimination or detrimantal treatment fro asserting the right and would make the redundancy unlawful.


Check your rights relating to unfair treatment or discrimination in redundancy


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