Unfair treatment and discrimination

There are a number of situations in the workplace where an employee may feel that they have been treated unfairly either by their employer or by their fellow employees.


The options for addressing this situation depend on identifying the reason for the unfair treatment and then deciding on a plan for resolving the problem.  Legal redress may not be the best way to way to seek a satisfactory solution and it is important to think about all options for negotiating an outcome with your employer.


Some sorts of unfair treatment will amount to unlawful discrimination where they contravene legal provisions such as the Equality Act 2010.


Discrimination at work under the Equality Act 2010


In some circumstances there may be less favourable treatment because of the type of working arrangement a person has such as a part-time or fixed term contract.


Less favourable treatment because of contract status


Unfair treatment may also be unlawful under a number of other provisions which protect employees from suffering detriment or dismisal for asserting their statutory rights such as requesting paternity leave or 'whistleblowing'.


Detrimental treatment in employment



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