Part time workers

Part time workers are specifically protected from being treated worse than full time workers under the Part time Workers (Prevention of Less Favourable Treatment) Regulations 2000.


The part time worker will need to compare themselves to a full time worker wno is employed on the same type of contract, doing similar work to show less favourable treatment. The level of skill, qualifications and experience may also need to be considered in making the comparison.


Employers can justify the difference in treatment if they can show good, objective reasons for it.



There is an exception for part-time workers that are paid less for overtime than a full time worker. Less favourable treatement cannot be established for differential payment where the part-time employee works less hours in the same period as the full time employee.



Where a part time employee is subjected to a detriment for asserting their rights they will be able to bring a claim.  Detriments will include

  • demotion,
  • denial of opportunities
  • unjustified disciplinary action,
  • hostile treatment


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Where an employee is dismissed for asserting their rights under the regulations then they will be regarded as unfairly dismissed and be able to make an automatic unfair dismissal claim.


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