The Agency Workers Regulations 2010

The Agency Workers Regulations 2010 (AWR) create a set of rights for individuals who are working for employment agencies.


The AWR set out of a definition of an agency worker for the first time as someone who is supplied by a temporary work agency to work temporarily for and under the supervision and direction of a hirer (Regulation 3).


Agency workers are entitled to the same basic working and employment conditions as someone who is recruited directly by the hirer where they relate to:

  • pay
  • the duration of working time
  • night working
  • rest breaks
  • annual leave

The right to equal pay

The worker will have a right to equal pay only after they have worked for continuous 12 weeks on one or more assignments with the hirer. Pay includes:

  • occupational sick pay
  • maternity, paternity or adoption pay
  • redundancy pay
  • expenses

The right to equal pay does not apply if the individual is an employee of the employment agency (Regulation 10).

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