Employment Law Glossary P - T

Pre-hearing Review (PHR)

A pre-hearing review is a type of hearing conducted by an Employment Tribunal before the final hearing of a claim.  Usually it will be arranged to deal with a specific issue in the case which can be decided and may avoid the need for a full hearing of the case so it is an important type of hearing.  Evidence and argument will normally need to be presented to the tribunal in person and so the issue to be decided at a PHR needs to be fully understood and addressed

Statute and stautory

A statute is a formal way of law being made by Parliament.  Usually an Act of Parliamant is made which sets out the law and the law it is to be applied.   Examples are the Employment Rights Act 1996 or the Equality Act 2010.


The term 'statutory' means that the law is made by a statute.   The term is also used to refer to law made under delegated legislation such as Regulations.

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Employment Law Glossary

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Zero increases by 26%

The Office for National Statistics has released new figures that show nearly 700,000 people work on zero hours contracts - up 26% from last year.  The problems caused by these contracts will require a significant change in the law.

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