Receiving the ET3 Form

The ET3 form is completed by the employer and forms the response to the claim.


It will set out what facts and claims the employer disputes and why.


It is important to read through the ET3 very carefully and pick out what your employer disputes about your claim. Don't get annoyed about this - your employer is bound to have a different view or to deny your allegations.


There are two key tasks to complete when you receive the ET3:


1. Identify the areas of dispute that will affect whether you can win your claim. These are known as the 'issues' and the Employment Tribunal will focus on them at the Hearing when making it's decision.


2. Note what further information you may need from the employer to fully understand their case. You can write to the employer to ask for further informaton if their case is not clear,

What next?

The Employment Tribunal will issue 'directions' after the ET3 is received. You need to take careful note of the directions and take the steps required within the set deadlines.


More information on Employment Tribunal directions

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